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For Coaches

Analyzing Graphs

Academic Team Moneyball

Moneyball is a movement in sports that uses advanced statistics methods to help make decisions on who to keep on your team, who to start, and how to play against your opponents.  We want to use bring advanced statistics collection to Academic Teams to help make these decisions.

For Students

How to use These Resources

The resources below are a combination of PowerPoint, lists, and videos linked to our YouTube page.  They cover topics that we feel are commonly missed or extremely important in quizbowl.  They are designed not just to help you improve at quizbowl, but to help in your search for knowledge.  Our greatest hope is that you can use these resources to not only get better at quizbowl, but that you take the time to do more research on this information. 


Pipes and Pressure

Fluid Laws

Learn about a handful of Fluid Laws that occur regularly in quizbowl.

Students, looking for more resources?

They are a little empty right now, but in the near future, click the button below to check out our archives.

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